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is there any way I can set in the XAML that the walls of the axis cube will be visible independent of how the cube is rotated? I’m rendering a drilling hole in 3D space and want to the ground plane(the top wall) and the two back planes to always be visible even if the user rotates the cube so they are infront of the rendered line. Is that possible?

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Hello, I am currently importing and displaying a .obj file as a ObjectModel3D object similar to the following syntax of the code provided in the AddObjectsToA3DChart.xaml example:

object:ObjectModel3D TextureSource=”{StaticResource BlackTexture}” Source=”{StaticResource KnightLowObj3DSource}” Position=”0.0625, 0.6, 0.8125″ CoordinateMode=”Relative” Scale=”0.2, 0.2, 0.2″ Rotation=”{StaticResource ObjRotationState}”

Where ObjRotationState is : object:Rotation3D x:Key=”ObjRotationState” Axis=”YAxis” Angle=”180″

The above code excerpt sets the rotation angle at 180 degrees on the Y-axis only for the ObjectModel3D object.

However, I would like to set the rotation angle for the X, Y, and Z axis of the ObjectModel3D object at the same time. Is it possible to set the rotational angle for multiple axis as described? If not, are there suggested workarounds to achieve the same behavior?

Thank you for your assistance.

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Hello, SciChart team!
i’m having some troubles with dated 3D charts.
so what do i need is to display samples which have 65k double points and a DateTime
Firstly i thought waterfall series would fill my needs, but i encountered these problems:
1. Charts wouln’t render Large series like 10 slices with 65k points per slice, 15k is ok (the charts just hang and don’t display anything for tens of minutes)
2. so the series would appear 10×15000, but i had issues with autorange and zooming when interval between slices is as small as 2 seconds (AutoRange is set to always)
my guess is that i need to set properties StepZ and StartZ correctly, but I couldn’t figure it out. i thought “StepZ” should be TimeSpan or smth like that, but it is DateTime too, so i tried some variations and didn’t succeed. could you please explain these properties’ use?
3. maybe this is feature but why do series go below 0 in the Y direction?

so then i reallized that i don’t always need to fill series with color and Waterfall series don’t quite fit ( even with transparent fill they have border lines on series start and end, and i thought i would add several PointLine RenderableSeries, one for each sample with fixed Z Datetime, but when i added such Renderable Series i get “SciChart3DSurface didn’t render, because an exception was thrown: Exception thrown: ‘System.IndexOutOfRangeException’ in SciChart.Charting3D.dll”
i played with example from latest SciChart version and attached altered solution to this post
so hit sidebar’s “Test” button and try both methods AddPointLineRenderSeries and AddWaterfallRenderSeries

Thanks in advance!
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Hello, SciChart team
i’m having an issue using SciCHart Examples Suite, and implementinting 3D charts
so when i choose some of 3d examples in Examples Suite i see a pitch black field instead of chart. after experiments with settings i figured out that 3D charts appear if i set “Use Alternative Fill Source” setting to true, which is in the 2D section of settings (not so obvious solution)
so the question is – how do i implement 3dcharts and ensure that they will run on clients’ workstations?
i’ve just updated SciChart to v5.1.1.11473
i have nvidia gtx 1050ti and fresh 398.82 drivers
i attach images of Examples Suite

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I am working on a live graph similar to the sparse impulse series 3D and would like to add live annotations to the plotted data points to display the Y axis value.

Does the SciChart3DSurface support annotations?

If not I would like to instead use the TooltipModifier3D, but would like to force the tooltip to be displayed all the time and reduce the amount of data displayed to a single Y-Axis value. Does this sound reasonable.



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