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I’m trying to display a vertical line annotation on a chart using MVVM.

In order to make it work I’ve (All the INotifyPropertyChanged are managed via the BaseViewModel)

public class GraphSurfaceBaseViewModel : BaseViewModel
    /// <summary>
    /// A list of annotations
    /// </summary>
    public ObservableCollection<IAnnotationViewModel> Annotations { get; private set; }


I create annotation that way

Graph.Annotations.Add(new VerticalLineAnnotationViewModel()
                X1 = TimeOfComment,
                ShowLabel = true,
                StrokeThickness = 2,
                XAxisId = "Xaxis",
                YAxisId = "Yaxis1",
                AnnotationLabels = new ObservableCollection<AnnotationLabel>() { new AnnotationLabel() {Text = "mon test", LabelPlacement = LabelPlacement.TopRight } }


And the binding to the scichartsurface is :

Annotations="{s:AnnotationsBinding Annotations}"            

I’ve double check that my x axis and y axis have the same ID as the annotation.
The problem is I want to display several annotation labels but they are not appearing. I suspect a problem via the AnnotationsBinding which is not taking the AnnotationLabels from the VerticalLineAnnotationViewModel.

What I got :
enter image description here

What I want (paint skill here):
enter image description here

For the what I want, I can draw a simple vertical bar by settings showLabel = false but I suppose that all the label I previously added to the
AnnotationLabels will not be shown, that’s why I let it.

Thank you for any help.


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chart screenshot

So I am trying to set paddings on the chart, so that the data series do not touch chart edges

I can’t do it with View’s method setPadding because then the black background is present (screenshot shows padding on all sides but I need just left and right)

Also, I managed to achieve no labels, axes, grids etc. but in totally hacky way; I set .withIsCenterAxis and then all other things to false


Is there a normal way of doing this?


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I’m investigating WPF SciChart features. Does SciChart support point labels for series (here it’s called annotations, right?)?

Bar chart labels

Line chart labels

How I can enable these annotations (or something like these) for series points?


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Hi Guys,

I have successfully added text labels to my charts using ILabelProvider.

However, some of the charts are showing duplicate labels for each bar, and others are not showing the labels for all bars (even though there is space to do so).

Any idea how to fix these? See the attached images for more details.

Thanks in advance.

  • andrecsa asked 3 years ago
  • last active 3 years ago
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I have to build a financial chart, and the Y label must be always multiplied by 0.25 , as you can see in the image attached.
I didn’t find how to reach this goal in the documentation and in the knowledgebase articles either.

Could you please help me?

  • lorenzo522 asked 3 years ago
  • last active 3 years ago
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I created a very simple project with a single grid and one element which is the scichart. Everything renders normally when the program first starts. If I make the window smaller vertically by dragging, everything continues to render correctly, but when I increase the height of the window by dragging, the vertical axis value label (4000.00) gets clipped if I go about 50 pixels more than the original window height specified.

Note: the clipping is all at once, if I go one pixel too far, the labels clip as shown. If I make the window one pixel smaller, they appear normally again.

What can I do?

Label Clipped

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I have recently upgraded to SciChart 3 without major issues, but one thing that has changed is that the labels on my YAxes get cut-off beyond the minimum and maximum value. It’s a really weird behaviour and I have no idea what may be causing it. Please note that I do want to be able to display the ‘0’ label (that was the reason I updated to the newest version of SciChart). I’ve attached some screenshots that illustrate the problem.

Any ideas?


  • Charles G. asked 5 years ago
  • last active 4 years ago
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