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is there a way to set the padding (aka reduce the gap) between bars in a SCIFastColumnRenderableSeries?

I attach a screenshot of my current situation: I would like to have zero margin between columns.

I tried searching in the knowledge base but all the answers I found seem to refer to APIs not available in the iOS SDK


There is not such class method in the iOS SDK called SciChartSurface.Padding

Thanks for your help

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chart screenshot

So I am trying to set paddings on the chart, so that the data series do not touch chart edges

I can’t do it with View’s method setPadding because then the black background is present (screenshot shows padding on all sides but I need just left and right)

Also, I managed to achieve no labels, axes, grids etc. but in totally hacky way; I set .withIsCenterAxis and then all other things to false


Is there a normal way of doing this?


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I would like to be able to have a Pie Chart go to the very edge of the layout it’s inside. Currently it appears as though there is some default built-in padding around Pie Charts that cannot be overridden. I’ve tried manually specifying padding and margins both programmatically (on the SciChartSurface object itself) and in the layout XML, but that default padding still exists.

I’ve included a screenshot of the sample app to show the padding I’m talking about (circled in red).

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