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Hi SciChart support,

we experience problems with clipping x axis values, depending on x-axis value range.
assume we have xaxis range from 1000000 to 1000001 and a diagram with a margin of lets say 10 pixels to the right of the container control. Depending on the zoom, the label of the mostright xaxis value(e.g. “1000001”) may be clipped just because the string is just too long. Would you recommend to change the margin dynamically to avoid the clipping or is there a way to prevent the chart from putting the rightmost xaxis value label if it exceeds the diagram bounds?

Hope you could help me.

Thanks in advance, Andreas

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I created a very simple project with a single grid and one element which is the scichart. Everything renders normally when the program first starts. If I make the window smaller vertically by dragging, everything continues to render correctly, but when I increase the height of the window by dragging, the vertical axis value label (4000.00) gets clipped if I go about 50 pixels more than the original window height specified.

Note: the clipping is all at once, if I go one pixel too far, the labels clip as shown. If I make the window one pixel smaller, they appear normally again.

What can I do?

Label Clipped

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