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Hi guys,

I have some troubles with piecharts in swift. I want to provide custom labels outside of the piecharts segments. I found a screenshot of a nested piechart attached to an issue in your issue tracker. Thats what I want to do in swift, but I couldn’t find out a way to do so. Could you please provide an example code?

Thanks a lot in advance!

0 votes

Is there a way to provide custom text for the labels in a PieChartSegment? I want to format the text, but haven’t been able to find a label formatter for the pie charts.

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I’m trying to create a Modifier for a PieChart Surface. I can not figure out how to get a segment for a point on the screen. With SciChartSurface, you can get the axis, and use its calculator to get a datapoint, or pixel point. Is there something similar in SciPieChartSurface?

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I am trying to disable segment selection of pie chart.
I didn’t found any property to do it and done following way:

  1. derived fron SciChartPieSurface
  2. overrides OnSegmentMouseDown with empty body

Is there better way to do this?


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