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I am currently working on an DateTimeAxis where I am trying to display the labels in two hours intervals. So far it is working well but I have noticed when working with different timezones , if the timezone is odd, the labels display only odd numbers. When the timezone is even however the labels are even as well (eg. get-4 displays labels such as 2pm 4pm 6pm 8pm while gmt-7 displays 1pm 3pm 5pm 7pm)
I have played around with hours and dates to try to dynamically adjust the min and max visible ranges depending on if the current time is even or odd but that doesn’t affect at all the labels even after providing the major deltas and range.

does anyone know how to fix this issue? I want even labels regardless of the situation.

  • papa diaw asked 3 years ago
  • last active 2 years ago
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I’m attempting to plot on a mountain graph with a DateTimeAxis for the x-axis and I noticed that the plotted time is inaccurate.

The data that am attempting to put in has the following NSDate value: 2017-01-06T10:09:25+0000
Correct me if am wrong, but I believe the time on the axis that ought to be displayed should follow the device’s system timezone? In my case, it is +0800, setting the time to be about 6:09:25 pm

However, the plotted time ends up showing the point to be plotted at 2:09:25 instead.

I’ve tested with a date formatter and it displays the time as it should (6:09:25 pm).
I don’t think I configured anything regarding the axis’s time format, and the insertion of data was done as below:

[self.mountainSeries appendX:SCIGeneric(m.timestamp) Y:SCIGeneric(m.mid)];
[self.chartSurface invalidateElement];

Also, to add on, if I were to extract the XMax value from the axis (in this case, is the timestamp as above), it returns me as such: 2017-01-06 18:09:25 +0000

Thank you.

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