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[iOS] SCIDateTimeAxis time in the wrong timezone

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I’m attempting to plot on a mountain graph with a DateTimeAxis for the x-axis and I noticed that the plotted time is inaccurate.

The data that am attempting to put in has the following NSDate value: 2017-01-06T10:09:25+0000
Correct me if am wrong, but I believe the time on the axis that ought to be displayed should follow the device’s system timezone? In my case, it is +0800, setting the time to be about 6:09:25 pm

However, the plotted time ends up showing the point to be plotted at 2:09:25 instead.

I’ve tested with a date formatter and it displays the time as it should (6:09:25 pm).
I don’t think I configured anything regarding the axis’s time format, and the insertion of data was done as below:

[self.mountainSeries appendX:SCIGeneric(m.timestamp) Y:SCIGeneric(m.mid)];
[self.chartSurface invalidateElement];

Also, to add on, if I were to extract the XMax value from the axis (in this case, is the timestamp as above), it returns me as such: 2017-01-06 18:09:25 +0000

Thank you.

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi there, thanks for reporting that! Our team is actually out of office today for a public holiday, but I’ll ask them to look into it first thing Monday. Thanks and regards, Andrew
  • Develle Yong
    Hi Andrew, Thanks for the notice! Regards.
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Hi Andrew,

It turns out the timing was a mistake on my end. This is a mixed project, so somehow there was a function which I didn’t know about converting the timestamp to 8 hours later for some reason, which caused the timestamp that was fed into the graph to be wrong.

I’m sorry for an inconvenience caused by this issue. I believe it’s solved now.

Thank you for the response though, very much appreciated!


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