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3D Surface Mesh Tutorial

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I am trying out SciCharts and am looking to recreate the example 3D uniform surface mesh chart example and don’t have a good hold on the architecture yet. I don’t see directions as to which file to paste the example code into. I’m looking at the code example where it creates a “final camera3D camera – schiChart3DBuilder.newCamera3D().build();” and goes from there. (…/webframe.html#The%20Surface%20Mesh%203E%20Chart%20Type.html)

I have the 3D surface created and rendering. I just need to get started to go from there. Thank you.

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Hi Christy,

I wonder if you have seen this GutHub repo.

Here you will find a project from 3D tutorial. Also we have a couple of 3D examples on SciChart demo website –

  1. JavaScript 3D Bubble Chart
  2. JavaScript Surface Mesh 3D Chart

Let us know if you need more information about 3D charts with SciChart.js and what other tutorials would be useful?

  • Christy Lott
    Thank you. I am looking at the Surface Mesh Chart link above and the source code uses and import for react. I am getting errors on that line. Is there a specific thing I need to do to enable that or do I need to download the library separately?
  • Christy Lott
    I think I’m also getting confused because the data code here: is different from the js code here as a source: and the tutorial list under SciChart.js 3-D tutorials are for Android. I’m just not sure where to start after I have the surface chart created. I do have the grid displaying, I am not sure what to do next to populated it with data. Thank you,
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Christy, it’s possible the documentation here is out of date. The Demo and SciChart.js.Examples repo on github is the authoritative source. Are you still struggling? Post your current code (ideally a runnable repository. Please keep Zip sizes small by deleting node_modules) and one of our team will take a look.
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