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Disable Visual Xccelerator Engine for 3D surface

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Hi, how do I disable Visual Xccelerator Engine for SciChart3DSurface?
I tried with the following code

<s3D:SciChart3DSurface x:Name="View3D"  s:VisualXcceleratorEngine.IsEnabled="False"/>

But it gives compilation error:

Property ‘IsEnabled’ is not attachable to elements of type ‘SciChart3DSurface’.

So how do I generally enable/disable Visual Xccelerator Engine for SciChart3DSurface?

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Hi Dmytry

The Visual Xccelerator Engine property to enable/disable this renderer is only applicable to 2D charts. By default we use DirectX11 (or DirectX9). There is a minimum requirement for 3D Charts, which is listed here.

Best regards,

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