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i have a chart with Xaxis as datetimeaxis and several Yaxes, when ZoomExtentsModifier is used, some YAxes disappear This problem can be solved with HighPrecisionNumericAxis, but the performance suffers
Version: v6.1.0 Build: 13075

  • Son Vu asked 1 month ago
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It’s very strange, but chart can not be zoomed with pinch, only by double tap fitting full screen.
And when trying to zoom app freezes and CPU load became 100%.

func installChart() {
    sciChartSurface = SCIChartSurface(frame: self.view.bounds)
    sciChartSurface?.translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints = false

    self.vGraphBox.subviews.forEach({ $0.removeFromSuperview() })


        sciChartSurface!.leftAnchor.constraint(equalTo: self.vGraphBox.leftAnchor),
        sciChartSurface!.rightAnchor.constraint(equalTo: self.vGraphBox.rightAnchor),
        sciChartSurface!.bottomAnchor.constraint(equalTo: self.vGraphBox.bottomAnchor),
        sciChartSurface!.topAnchor.constraint(equalTo: self.vGraphBox.topAnchor)

    // Add the SCIChartSurface as a subview

    let xAxis = SCILogarithmicNumericAxis()
    xAxis.growBy = SCIDoubleRange(min: SCIGeneric(0.1), max: SCIGeneric(0.1))
    xAxis.scientificNotation = .logarithmicBase
    //xAxis.textFormatting = "#.#E+0"
    xAxis.logarithmicBase = 10.0
    xAxis.visibleRange = SCIDoubleRange(min: SCIGeneric(100), max: SCIGeneric(22000.0))

    let yAxis = SCINumericAxis()
    yAxis.autoRange = .never
    yAxis.visibleRange = SCIDoubleRange(min: SCIGeneric(-300.0), max: SCIGeneric(0.0))

    lineRenderableSeries.dataSeries = self.dataSeries
    lineRenderableSeries.strokeStyle = SCISolidPenStyle(colorCode: 0xFFE13219, withThickness: 1)

    //self.sciChartSurface?.chartModifiers.add(pinchZoomModifier) //Causes freeze

    SCIUpdateSuspender.usingWithSuspendable(sciChartSurface!) {
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I have to show multiple charts in the UI. so, I’m using a ListView and adding SciChart in the DataTemplate.
Please refer the files for more details

After the data is loaded, there is a lot of lag in zoom in, zoom out and Rubberband functionality.

Note: I’ve to load more than 4000 XY values in the series.

Could you please take a look at the same and provide some tips for improving the performance and also let me know if there is any alternative for what I’m doing?


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I’m pretty sure the modifier ZoomExtents fits the entire graph to the screen. But a lot of my interesting data happens right at the far right edge of my graph. So I want to add a buffer.

I’d like to zoom to XMin – XMax0.05 and XMax +XMax0.05.

I do this when loading my graph, and I’d like the double tap of my graph to also zoom to that range.

Any ideas?

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Are there any events on the chart which fires on zoom starts and zoom ends which i can use to calculate the time taken for the zoom operation.


Pruthvi Sagar

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Hi I am using scichartsurface with multiple y axes and a single x axis. I would want the zooming to work in a block basis as shown in the attachments.
For ex: In the first attachment I am selecting the block from 08:00:00(xaxis) and 0.76(y axis), and moving on upto 09:30:00(approx) and -22(approx). So when i start zooming the area, is it possible that it selects the entire block(A block would be distance from one major grid line to the next immediate major grid line across X axis). Please refer to 2nd attachment if unclear.

Does SciChart provide any such feature?

  • Kedar k asked 5 years ago
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i have a problem with zoom : i can’t declare my function for charting inside the constructor of my class no also in the function loaded for the simple reason because i must pass two list for this function “public void CreateDataSetAndSeries(List lstX, List lstY)”, so, i create my function like this in my .XAM.cs class :

public void CreateDataSetAndSeries(List lstX, List lstY)
series0 = new XyDataSeries<DateTime, double>();

        using (this.sciChartSurface.SuspendUpdates())

               series0.Append(lstX, lstY);

        lineSeries.DataSeries = series0;

and for my class.xaml i write this :


                <SciChart:ZoomPanModifier ExecuteOn="MouseRightButton"/>
                    <SciChart:ZoomExtentsModifier ExecuteOn="MouseDoubleClick"/>

                <SciChart:CursorModifier ReceiveHandledEvents="True" ShowAxisLabels="True"  ShowTooltip="True" ShowTooltipOn="MouseRightButtonDown"/>

the problem i can’t did the zoom So what i can do ?
waiting for your response thank you !

  • sahar Les asked 5 years ago
  • last active 5 years ago
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We were recently asked on priority support tickets ‘How do I ZoomExtents a SciChartSurface to a specific range, e.g. VisibleRangeLimit, when double clicking on the chart’.

For the benefit of our user-base our solution is below.

  • Andrew asked 5 years ago
  • last active 5 years ago
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What’s happening when i am double click on the chart surface?How Zoom extents modifier calculate the visible range?.I need to know in order to use the same calculation in my code.

  • Raghupathy asked 5 years ago
  • last active 5 years ago
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I have a SciChartSurfacewith one xaxis an four yaxis and a dynamic number of series which are added at runtime.
Also I have some modifiers especially the ZoomExtentsModifier( ExecuteOn=”MouseDoubleClick” XyDirection=”XDirection”) and for each yaxis a yaxisdragmodifier.
Is it possible to double click on a single yaxis and ZoomExtends only this yaxis?

Regards Markus

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