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Link two charts visibleRanges on zoom events

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Looking to try and “link” two timeseries charts when either one is zoomed. The link aspect would be updating the other chart to have the same visible range as the zoomed chart.

Each chart has its visibleRange property updated in response to separate socket events, that happen at similar intervals but different.

Originally, was hoping to have something similar to the onZoomExtents method that fires a callback that would allow me to grab the latest min/max of the visibleRangeProperty of the xAxes to then update the other chart.

Any suggestions on how I could go about doing this?

And if it is not clear what I am talking about I can provide some code snippets.

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Update: This is now a blog post published at How to Link JavaScript
Charts and Synchronise zooming, panning, crosshairs

(Copying an answer from the comment)
These demos should be helpful in this case

JavaScript Multi Pane Stock Charts demo

This demo links multiple charts together. You can find the source code here

Also, we have tutorials on linking multiple charts in the documentation. Please see here:

Tutorial 09 – Linking Multiple Charts

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