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paletteProvider transparent colour is not working.

I tried with parseColorToUIntArgb(“#ffffff00”) and parseColorToUIntArgb(“#ffffff00”, 0) to replace the colour with transparent. But its not working.

I want ho hide the marker on the chart if the value is less than a limit. Is any other possibility to hide the marker based on value?
can you check the image, i want to show only the yellow marker.
one more error i am getting from typescript
“Type ‘undefined’ is not assignable to type ‘TPointMarkerArgb'”.

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Hi, spotted a Typescript issue – the class declaration of SeriesInfo is missing at least two properties – zValue and formattedZValue. Noticed it because my IDE was complaining about their usage. Looking at a comparison of the class declaration and a console log of what actually exists, it looks like a few more might be missing too.

The above properties are also missing from the type docs.


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The value of SciChart in Silverlight is the browser hosting capability. With Silveright on its way out, there appears to be no replacement for SciChart in a browser. However, there is a very good public domain project called Fayde that has re-implemented the Mono Moonlight code as Typescript. Fayde lets you port C#/XAML to Javascript surprisingly easily.

Have you looked at Fayde, and do you foresee a (possibly stripped-down) SciChart version for Fayde?


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