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Multiple Y axis with Vertically Stacked Axes

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I am trying to add multiple Y axis to this example:

What I want to achieve is to add an additional Y axis which would display the index of the loop. I have tried to make the first yAxis isVisible to false and add the additional one but it seems that it creates a blank chart (extra blue lines in the image attachment) with the index label + the number range. At the end vertically stacked axes are doubled instead of showing just the index.
I am attaching the images and the running example. Maybe there is an easier way to show the index of the loop of the particular graph while not displaying the number range?

Any help would be kindly appreciated.

  • Jim Risen
    If I understand correctly, “drawLabels” property might be what you are looking for. For example, set “yAxis.drawLabes = false” or pass it via options.
  • Zino As
    Thank you, this was indeed what I was looking for.
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As per comments, the solution was to disable the label drawing via the Axis option:

yAxis.drawLabes = false

More options can be found in our typedoc –

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