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TypeScript definition for Blazor using CDN

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I’m a C# developer looking to evaluate working with SciChartJS for a possible future project.

I’ve created a .NET Blazor Project working with JavaScript Interop and I would like to extend the CustomChartModifier2D in TypeScript.

I’ve not used npm to install SciChart into the project, rather I’m using the CDN approach in my _Host.cshtml file.

<script src="[email protected]/index.min.js" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

I’ve been searching online for a SciChartJS TypeScript definition file so that I can leverage TS Strongly Typed system in my test project.

Is there one? Or do I need to build my own, or even is there an already made example of extending SciChart with TypeScript somewhere I’ve missed?

Thank you

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Hi David,

We publish Typings with the npm package, and also they are distributed with the browser bundle script on JSDelivr. Here’s a direct link to the typings:[email protected]/index.d.ts

However, I personally have no experience using TypeScript outside of an npm environment, I wasn’t aware you can even include it in pure JS applications.

Does that help? If you need something else let me know

Finally, if you’re not aware, there is an OSS Blazor implementation which uses our JSON/Builder API to create charts. Take a look here to see how they’ve done it.

Best regards

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Hi Andrew,

Amazing. Thank you!


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