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paletteProvider transparent colour is not working.

I tried with parseColorToUIntArgb(“#ffffff00”) and parseColorToUIntArgb(“#ffffff00”, 0) to replace the colour with transparent. But its not working.

I want ho hide the marker on the chart if the value is less than a limit. Is any other possibility to hide the marker based on value?
can you check the image, i want to show only the yellow marker.
one more error i am getting from typescript
“Type ‘undefined’ is not assignable to type ‘TPointMarkerArgb'”.

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Best Answer

Hello Arun, sorry for the late response.

The ‘paletteProvider transparent color not working’ issue is now resolved in version 1.2.1463

Please check and let us know if that works for you.

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Hello Arun,
looks like it is possible to make only a stroke transparent, but not a background fill, in this case.
At this point, I can suggest using this fact as a workaround and temporary solution.

I was able to hide the point markers by setting ‘strokeThickness’ to the size of a marker and conditionally setting ‘stroke’ to “#FFFFFF00”.

class MyCustomPaletteProvider implements IPointMarkerPaletteProvider {
    readonly strokePaletteMode: EStrokePaletteMode;
    private readonly stroke: number;
    private readonly fill: number;
    private readonly rule: (yValue: number) => boolean;

    constructor(stroke: string, fill: string, rule: (yValue: number) => boolean) {
        this.rule = rule;
        this.stroke = parseColorToUIntArgb(stroke);
        this.fill = parseColorToUIntArgb(fill);

    onAttached(parentSeries: FastLineRenderableSeries): void { }

    onDetached(): void { }

    overridePointMarkerArgb(xValue: number, yValue: number, index: number): TPointMarkerArgb {
        if (this.rule(yValue)) {
            return {
                fill: this.fill,
                stroke: this.stroke,
        return undefined;

            new FastLineRenderableSeries(wasmContext, {
                stroke: "LightSteelBlue",
                pointMarker: new EllipsePointMarker(wasmContext, {
                    width: 10,
                    height: 10,
                    strokeThickness: 10,
                    fill: "blue",
                    stroke: "green",
                paletteProvider: new MyCustomPaletteProvider("#FFFFFF00", "#FFFFFF00", yValue => yValue < 0.5),
                dataSeries: dataSeriesArr[0],
  • Ivan Gasyuk
    meanwhile, we’ll continue working on a proper solution
  • Arun Surendran
    Ivan Gasyuk I checked with the same on my application. Its working for EllipsePointMarker when we put ‘strokeThickness’, ‘width’, ‘height’ are same. Its working for CrossPointMarker when we put ‘strokeThickness’ to 1, if we put the same value for strokeThickness then it shows square shape. But its not working for TrianglePointMarker and SquarePointMarker. if we put the strokeThickness same as width and height then the position of the pointer also changing.
  • Arun Surendran
    Any more updates??
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