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Hello everyone. A similar question has already been asked just below the forum, but there is no answer. I have dynamically added diagrams. However, I am interested in the possibility of adding buttons for closing and collapsing diagrams directly to the chart panel. I need the option to close any selected chart. How can this be implemented and written? Thank you.

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Good afternoon. Scichart WPF has two built-in small buttons in the top right corner of the panels for collapsing and closing charts. How can you add such buttons in Scichart javascript and how to correctly describe the functions?

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Dear Andrew,

Thank you for the past answers. I have a new question. I have a heatmap with 2 line charts at its left aand top position. the top line chart plot the horizontal values where the mouse if hovering and left chart displays vertical values from the mouse position.

This is working great, but the issue is the heatmap is not always square and I am trying the aligh the line charts with the heatmap dimensions

two issues,

  1. the heatmap X/Y dimension are not always same, in fact I have a function which listens to the changing heatmap zoom factor and makes sure the X/Y are always “square” as we want to show the heatmap with square pixels. (see video #2)

  2. As I dynamically chage the size of the plot the… the proportion of actual chart area to axis lable changes thus varying the overlap. (see video #1)

Let me know if you need more information,



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Is there any way to create a multipane chart in WPF like it done using Sub-Charts API in JavaScript chart where it shares same WebGL chart surface.

I know the way it is done using SciChartGroup where there are multiple SciChartSurfaces added to the group in order to create multipane chart, but if it can be done the way it is done in JavaScript charts, it will improve WPF chart performance drastically I think.


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I’m trying to create Multi-Pane Heatmaps by using your example for multi-pane stock charts. I need to have one colormap per viewmodel and I think this should be bound to one HeatmapColourMap each to display the values of color.
So the ItemSource of SciChartGroup is ChartPaneViewModels which contains x number of Viewmodels where I add HeatMapRenderableSeriesViewModel with dataseries to ObservableCollection. Is this possible? I’m having some trouble displaying the correct colors for the data.

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Connecting to my latest reply on this thread
I still can’t make panes disappear correctly with multiple panes.

Here is the sample project demonstrating what you proposed on the previous thread, the first chartpane is shown but the panes do not resize.

Please make this project work as expected (i.e. there is 3 panes in the list, but only the second displayed in the list on the area of the 3 panes) to show me, how this works.



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Is there any way to remove the default buttons on the childpanes
(i.e. make them disappear completly)?


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I am trying to use SciChartGroupPane and ChildPanes for my application, and
want to collapse a pane , so that the remaining space is filled with the remaining graphs.

I tried to set the visibility to collapsed but, when i do that the panes only disappear,
but the remaining pane does not resize.

As I see the panes have two small buttons on the upper right corner for collapse and close,
This collapse button is similar to what i would want but I have no idea how to reach the collapse
functionality throgh code. Is it possible to collapse a pane withouth removing it from the container
for the ItemTemplate?


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Hi All,
I am having an issue with legend as legend box is displays on chart and its also display series name on it but colors are not coming in legend only series name is displayed.
I also attached a IMAGE showing the above issue.

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Guys I m trying to minimize all child pane in multi-pane charts by default i am not able to do that please help me
i want same like in image attached below.
please reply as soon as possible.

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