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I am new to scichart javascript library and trying to run the provided examples locally. I was working on this example

I am able to run this example locally. now I want to add cursor snapping in it. An example would be tradingview candlestick charts. in those charts cursor snaps to nearest candles.
I am trying to achieve similar. I looked into the docs but couldn’t find the answer.

Thanks !

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The wick for the up candlestick go through the body while the down candlestick do not. How can I make the wick inside the body part disappear? I didn’t change any settings of stroke and fill style. Thanks.

let candlestickSeries = SCIFastCandlestickRenderableSeries()
candlestickSeries.dataSeries = dataSeries
candlestickSeries.yAxisId = "right"
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How can I animate an update of a candle or a bar in an OHLC type charts? I use realtime stock chart like this example.
When i update candle it redraws immediately with new values. But i want it to be updated with animation.

  • Vita Bubko asked 4 years ago
  • last active 2 years ago
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i follow this way to update an exist candle

stockPrices.update(stockPrices.getCount() – 1, priceBar.getOpen(), priceBar.getHigh(), priceBar.getLow(), priceBar.getClose());

it work well but not so smooth, SciChart have any other way or trick to do this ?
Thank you

  • tran hai asked 4 years ago
  • last active 4 years ago
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I use a simple box annotation to highlight a section candlesticks on a chart. Currently I only see how to set this annotation X1 and X2 to Major grid units (ie 1,2,3,4,5). Since I would like to have this box annotation fully highlight only the desired candlesticks, is there a way to offset this X1 and X2 position by 0.5 so that it would include only (and fully) the desired candles? Apologies if I have missed this in the docs somewhere but I have been unable to find anything to accomplish this.

EDIT: For my x axis I am using a CategoryDateTimeAxis

Thank you.

  • Leland asked 4 years ago
  • last active 4 years ago
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1 vote

Hello everyone,

I am the beginner of SciChart, now I able to create a candlestick chart with a HorizontalLineAnnotation but it doesn’t display well.

I have checked-out this tutorial

I tried to convert the C# code and XML document to Kotlin but it seems there are no class AnnotationLabel found from the library.

Bellow is my screenshot

enter image description here

You can see the issue is the HorizontalLineAnnotation doesn’t contain the label (with value). What I need is it should have a label as bellow

enter image description here

Bellow is my implementation (in Kotlin)

val xAxis = sciChartBuilder.newCategoryDateAxis().build()
    val yAxis = sciChartBuilder
val currentAnnotation = sciChartBuilder

val rSeries = sciChartBuilder.newCandlestickSeries()

    UpdateSuspender.using(surface) {
        Collections.addAll(surface.xAxes, xAxis)
        Collections.addAll(surface.yAxes, yAxis)
        Collections.addAll(surface.annotations, currentAnnotation)
        Collections.addAll(surface.renderableSeries, rSeries)
        Collections.addAll(surface.chartModifiers, sciChartBuilder.newModifierGroupWithDefaultModifiers().build())

Can someone please help me on this?

  • Vo Hoa asked 6 years ago
  • last active 6 years ago
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0 answers

We are using the candlestick chart, and scrolling off the ends of the plotted data behaves very strangely:
– If I scroll slowly, the chart expands, anchored to the end of the data set (this is expected)
– If I scroll quickly, it lets me scroll beyond the end of the data set
– Once I have scrolled of the end of the data set, touching the screen again jumps back to the data set
– If I scroll slowly so the chart is expanding, and then release touch, the chart continues to move with inertia. If I clock again it jumpos back to expanding mode.

The combination of all these behaviours makes a very confusing and unsatisfying user experience.

Is there a way to change the behaviour? I had a look at but can’t find anything that might.

We have set:
xAxis is a SCIDateTimeAxis
xAxis.VisibleRange to desired range
xAxis.VisibleRangeLimit = range.Clone() where range is desired range
xAxis.VisibleRangeLimitMode = SCIRangeClipMode.inMax (I guess it should be called minMax but something broke in the build?)
xAxis.AutoRange = SCIAutoRange.Never

with chart modifiers:
– new SCIZoomPanModifier()
– new SCIZoomExtentsModifier()
– new SCIPinchZoomModifier()



0 votes

Hi, I would like to make styling on the candlestick stroke of each tick by different situation, like if open > close show red stroke and on reverse in blue color stoke.

I have extended the PaletteProviderBase and implemented the IStrokePaletteProvider and IFillPaletteProvider interface, it seems that it always render the black stroke, but the filled color was correct as expected. Is there any way to custom the stroke color by case? Thanks!

I use the same approach as this suggested (candlestick-chart-coloring) , it seems in 2.0.0 cannot style the stroke as this way.

  • may lym asked 7 years ago
  • last active 7 years ago
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According to the documentation, in FastCandlestickRenderableSeries

StrokeUp and FillUp styles are applied to bars with Close > Open, and StrokeDown and FillDown to those that have Open <= Close respectively.

I would like to ask is there any method to achieve the following:

The candlestick are green in color when Today Close >= Previous Close and red in color when Today Close < Previous Close


  • Ray Hung asked 7 years ago
  • last active 7 years ago
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Is there an convenient way to convert an existing IXyDataSeries<Date, Double> to IOhlcDataSeries<Date, Double> ?
How do Scichart collapse Candlesticks (and presumably merging with neighbouring candlesticks) when its very zoomed out e.g. 1 year period

  • abc def asked 8 years ago
  • last active 8 years ago
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I’ve encountered an issue with the candlestick graph I’ve drawn that consists of a set of random X date time values – this causes the candlesticks have varying distances from one another.

Rendering the data from an initial set seems to be fine but as I run a NSTimer to add on more points, the body of the new candlesticks seem to be 0. (Note, the date time values are still random but have been made to be set after the last placed point)

In fact, the initial data points that I added see to be rendered ‘body-less’ if it’s within the same visible range as the newly added points. And if I pan along the newly added points, the bodies of some data points will appear at random visible ranges.

Is this a normal behaviour or should I take anything else into consideration?

Here are a couple of my configurations which I think may have affected anything:
1. My XAxis has set its visible range limit mode to ClipMode_Min
2. Candlestick series style data body width is set to be default.
3. I have a the following modifiers set up.

self.xDragModifier = [SCIXAxisDragModifier new];
self.xDragModifier.axisId = @"xAxis";
self.xDragModifier.dragMode = SCIAxisDragMode_Pan;
self.xDragModifier.clipModeX = SCIZoomPanClipMode_ClipAtMin;
[self.xDragModifier setModifierName:@"XAxis DragModifier"];

self.pinchZoomModifier = [[SCIPinchZoomModifier alloc] init];
[self.pinchZoomModifier setModifierName:@"PinchZoom Modifier"];
self.pinchZoomModifier.xyDirection = SCIXYDirection_XDirection;

self.zoomPanModifier = [SCIZoomPanModifier new];
self.zoomPanModifier.clipModeX = SCIZoomPanClipMode_ClipAtMin;
self.zoomPanModifier.xyDirection = SCIXYDirection_XDirection;
[self.zoomPanModifier setModifierName:@"ZoomPan Modifier"];

SCIModifierGroup * gm = [[SCIModifierGroup alloc] initWithChildModifiers:@[self.xDragModifier, self.pinchZoomModifier, self.zoomPanModifier]];
self.chartSurface.chartModifier = gm;

The points are drawing just fine, but the body of the candlestick is not appearing as expected.

Thanks in advance.

  • Elle Yeoh asked 8 years ago
  • last active 8 years ago
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what I’m trying to achieve is displaying Candlesticks in a real time stock chart with added space between price bars. This empty space is very important as it’ll allow me to show further information regarding volumes per price level.

You can have a better understanding of what I’m trying to achieve by having a look at the following image.

I’m already at the point where I’m rendering both the candlesticks and labels correctly (via textannotations). It’s just that the whole graph is crowded and impossible to understand as annotations and price bars overlaps each other.

Thank you for your support,

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Hi All,
Can we give Black Border to Candles in Candle Stick chart.

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