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AutoRange.Once does not work for the default range

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When using AutoRange.Once on an axis, I expect the auto ranging to be done exactly once.
If at some point, I change the visible range to match the default one (0 to 10 for numeric axis), the auto range is triggered again.

Happens more if I provide inputs so the user can define a range, and depending on the use case, 0 to 10 is not that uncommon.
Kind of an edge case, but still something that can happen, and is definitely unexpected.

This can be seen happening here

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Any news on this?

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This is a known issue due to the way we detect if the axis is in its default state. We are taking a look to see if there is a simple and safe way we can sort out.

  • David Burleigh
    We have a fix in dev for this. Release will probably be early next week as we are finalising a few other changes.
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