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I’ve got some questions to expand on this topic:

1) Can you export areas of a chart that are not visible on the screen? I have a large line chart, like a seismograph, that is never fully displayed on the screen because it is too long.

2) Can you export from a chart that is not visible on the screen?

Thank you

  • max keirn asked 2 months ago
  • last active 1 month ago
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SciChart supports exporting to BitmapSource at a specific size, however, this feature does not work for us because we are using custom types for our chart annotations, and we get the following error:

“Please be advised that SciChart doesn’t handle serialization of objects with properties of interface type, collection type or custom type. You need to implement IXmlSerializable in such objects to have them handled properly.”

We haven’t found any example of how to implement IXmlSerializable in on custom type, and were wondering if some guidelines about what is needed to implement that interface could be provided.

The custom type that we are using is an AnnotatedPointMarker, which inherits the sci chart interface IPointMarker. It consists on a square, marking a data point, plus a text annotation on top, and a small line joining the square and the text.

  • malú Diaz asked 3 years ago
  • last active 3 years ago
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After updating to, all axis labels are missing when exporting graph using SciChartSurface.ExportToBitmapSource(true, size). Reverting back to solves the issue.


  • Kawai Lo asked 6 years ago
  • last active 6 years ago
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When using the SciChartSurface.ExportToBitmapSource(useXamlRenderSurface: true) to export graph at large size for printing (e.g. at 600 DPI, when the screen is at 96 DPI), the grid lines and axis tick lines do not scale, and point markers are missing. Text, StrokeThickness of line series and legends are shown correctly.

Is it an issue in the renderer? Or is there any setting for the renderer to render them correctly?

Params of the attached graph:

LineSeriesStyle.StrokeThickness = 2,

MajorTickLineStyle.StrokeThickness = 1,
MinorTickLineStyle.StrokeThickness = 1,
MajorGridLineStyle.StrokeThickness = 1,

EllipsePointMarker.StrokeThickness = 1, Width = 6, Height = 6


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