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Dynamic WPF Visualization of ECG signals in Realtime

Dynamic WPF Visualization of ECG signals in Realtime

Read on to see how Cardea Labs used SciCharts High Performance WPF charting library to create a low cost non-invasive health care solution using the open source miBEAT engineering application hardware and resolve their charting issues.

Platform: WPF

Industry: Medical Equipment, Healthcare

Cardea Labs & Cardea Biomedical Technologies Pvt. Ltd wanted to create a low cost non-invasive healthcare solution for the clinical needs of India and the rest of the world. With a focus on creating a cheap portable ECG device that could achieve medical grade clarity, Cardea Labs was only limited by their Charting solutions until SciChart.

Challenge: Cardea Labs needed a dynamically updating chart at 250 points per second with data acquisition through Bluetooth connection for an ECG device derived from the miBEAT hardware platform. The Software solution needed to maintain a smooth UI and be portable, retaining an export function. The solution had to allow increased functionality as well as overlaid information whilst being user friendly.

Solution: SciChart’s extensive charting examples were used to create the FIFO functionality required, which generated a Realtime scrolling ECG monitor. This was combined with export function that allowed users to export in numerous formats, so the data coulbe be collated outside of the application. The session window was similarly upgraded to make use of Pan, Zoom & Scroll functions making the UI intuitive and user friendly. Lastly SciChart’s High Performance capabilities could handle the 250 points per second in Realtime whilst being used on smaller portable devices.

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By SciChart | Oct 12, 2022

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