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SciChart.Core.Utility Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassCompositionSyncedDelegate Allows synchronizing a Delegate with the System.Windows.Media.CompositionTarget.Rendering event
ClassGuardConstraint Allows assertions to be built with the following syntax: Guard.Assert(123).IsLessThan(456);
ClassSciChartDebugLogger Provides a debug logger which can be used to pipe debug messages from SciChart to your own code, by setting the ISciChartLoggerFacade via SetLogger
ClassServiceContainer Provides a container with access to shared services throught SciChart components
ClassTimedMethod TimedMethod allows an Action to be invoked after a specific period of time. Returns a cancellation token which can be cancelled before the method is invoked
InterfaceISciChartLoggerFacade Defines the interface to a logger facade. If you wish to receive debug log messages from SciChart, then set a logger instance via SciChartDebugLogger.SetLogger. Note that logging will dramatically decrease performance, especially in a real-time scenario
InterfaceIServiceContainer Defines the interface to a ServiceContainer used throughout SciChart. For a full list of available services, see the remarks on ServiceContainer
EnumerationTimedMethodThread Enumeration constants to define what thread a TimedMethod is invoked on
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