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SciChart WPF ThemeManager

SciChart Themes

SciChart ships with 9 stunning themes which you can select and apply to the charts in your application. Most of the components of SciChart are also templatable and stylable, so you can truly customize the chart to fit your application.

The 9 built-in themes are shown below. You can also create your own custom theme, or modify ours to meet your needs.

SciChartv7Navy Theme

SciChartv4Dark Theme

Oscilloscope Theme

ExpressionLight Theme

ExpressionDark Theme

Electric Theme

Chrome Theme

BrightSpark Theme

BlackSteel Theme

Applying a Theme to the SciChartSurface

To apply a theme to a SciChartSurface, simply use the following code. Allowable values for theme string include SciChartv7Navy (default), SciChartv4Dark, Oscilloscope, ExpressionLight, ExpressionDark, Electric, Chrome, BrightSpark, BlackSteel.

Applying a Theme in XAML

Applying a Theme
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<!-- where xmlns:s="" -->
<s:SciChartSurface s:ThemeManager.Theme="SciChartv7Navy">

  <!-- XAxis, YAxis, RenderableSeries omitted for brevity -->


Applying a Theme in Code

Applying a Theme
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var sciChartSurface = new SciChartSurface();
ThemeManager.SetTheme(sciChartSurface, "SciChartv7Navy");

Applying a Theme to all SciChartSurfaces in the Application

You can also apply a theme to all SciChartSurfaces in the application by creating a global style. This style should be placed in App.xaml or another resource dictionary in your application.

Applying a Theme to all SciChartSurfaces in the Application
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<!-- where xmlns:s="" -->
<Style TargetType="{x:Type s:SciChartSurface}">
   <Setter Property="s:ThemeManager.Theme" Value="SciChartv7Navy"/>