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BaseRenderableSeries3DViewModel Class Members

The following tables list the members exposed by BaseRenderableSeries3DViewModel.

Protected Constructors
Public Properties
Public PropertyGets or sets the DataSeries associated with this series  
Public PropertyGets or sets whether the series is selected  
Public PropertyGets or sets whether the series is visible when drawn  
Public PropertyGets or sets the opacity, bound by default to RenderableSeries.Opacity  
Public PropertyGets or sets an optional SciChart.Charting3D.RenderableSeries.IPaletteProvider3D instance, which may be used to override specific data-point colors during rendering. For more details, see the SciChart.Charting3D.RenderableSeries.IPaletteProvider3D documentation  
Public PropertyGets or sets a SciChart.Charting3D.PointMarkers.BasePointMarker3D instance directly on the SciChart.Charting3D.RenderableSeries.BaseRenderableSeries3D When a SciChart.Charting3D.PointMarkers.BasePointMarker3D is present, then the markers will be drawn at each data-point in the series  
Public PropertyGets or sets the stroke color of the series  
Public PropertyGets or Sets the style key which will be used to fetch the style and apply it to the corresponding RenderableSeries. (Inherited from SciChart.Charting.Model.ChartSeries.BaseSciChartElementViewModel)
Public PropertyGets the View Type which this ViewModel will be associated with. (Inherited from SciChart.Charting.Model.ChartSeries.BaseSciChartElementViewModel)
Public Methods
Public MethodReturns a string that represents the current object. (Inherited from SciChart.Charting.Model.ChartSeries.BaseSciChartElementViewModel)
Protected Methods
Protected MethodThis method is called by the Set accessor of each property. (Inherited from SciChart.Charting.Model.ChartSeries.BaseSciChartElementViewModel)
Protected MethodThis method is used to set property value and raise PropertyChanged event handler (Inherited from SciChart.Charting.Model.ChartSeries.BaseSciChartElementViewModel)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodNotifies that finalizer has been invoked
Public Extension MethodOverloaded. Converts an System.IComparable array to double array
Public Extension MethodYields a single item, converting it to System.Collections.IEnumerable.
Public Extension Method
Public Events
Public EventOccurs when a property value changes. (Inherited from SciChart.Charting.Model.ChartSeries.BaseSciChartElementViewModel)
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