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IDataSeries3D Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by IDataSeries3D.

Public Properties
 PropertyGets or sets a value indicating whether this instance is dirty. If dirty, any cached data must be re-calculated. You can set this value to True to force recalculation of caches.  
 PropertyGets a value indicating whether updates for the target are currently suspended (Inherited from SciChart.Core.Framework.ISuspendable)
 PropertyGets or sets the parent SciChart.Charting3D.ISciChart3DSurface which this IDataSeries3D instance is attached to.  
 PropertyGets or sets the name of this series.  
 PropertyGets the total extents of the IDataSeries3D in the X direction.  
 PropertyGets the total extents of the IDataSeries3D in the Y direction.  
 PropertyGets the total extents of the IDataSeries3D in the Z direction.  
Public Methods
 MethodClears the DataSeries.  
 MethodCalled by IUpdateSuspender each time a target suspender is disposed. When the final target suspender has been disposed, ResumeUpdates is called (Inherited from SciChart.Core.Framework.ISuspendable)
 MethodGets the bounding box for the data (containing XRange, YRange, ZRange).  
 MethodRaises the DataSeriesChanged event. May be called by DataSeries3D or by user code to trigger a redraw on the ParentSurface. The event is not raised while SciChart.Core.Framework.ISuspendable.IsSuspended is True.  
 MethodResumes updates on the target, intended to be called by IUpdateSuspender (Inherited from SciChart.Core.Framework.ISuspendable)
 MethodSuspends drawing updates on the target until the returned object is disposed, when a final draw call will be issued (Inherited from SciChart.Core.Framework.ISuspendable)
 MethodConverts a DataSeries to a IPointSeries3D derived type, for use during the render pass  
Public Events
 EventEvent raised whenever points are added to, removed or one or more DataSeries3D properties changes, requiring a redraw of the parent SciChart.Charting3D.SciChart3DSurface.  
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