SciChart.Drawing.DirectX Assembly : SciChart.Drawing.DirectX.Context.D3D11 Namespace
SciChart.Drawing.DirectX.Context.D3D11 Namespace
ClassA helper class which can be used to detect if the Direct3D10 enhancements to SciChart can run on the current hardware & operating system
ClassDisplays an obsolete warning in all Direct3D11RenderSurface types
ClassProvides a SciChart.Drawing.Common.RenderSurfaceBase implementation that uses a DirectX 10 High Quality and High Speed raster, capable of rendering with sub-pixel accuracy. This requires DirectX10 hardware or later to run. Newer GPUs will have superior performance. If performance issues occur, please use the SciChart.Drawing.HighSpeedRasterizer.HighSpeedRenderSurface

A helper class to enable the Direct3D11RenderSurface

Usage: >SciChartSurface DirectXHelper.TryApplyDirectXRenderer="True"/<

ClassEvent args used by the Direct3D11RenderSurface
ClassProvides a helper class that can be used to detect if Remote Desktop sessions is in use on the current PC
InterfaceDefines the interface to a 3D RenderContext
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