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Showing Axis Labels on one side of the 3D Chart
This feature is New to SciChart v5.3!

It has often been requested if we can show Axis Labels on one side of the Axis Cube in SciChart 3D. This has now been implemented in SciChart v5.3.


To enable this feature, simply set one of the following attached properties on the SciChart3DSurface:

Setting Axis Labels Drawing Mode
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<s:SciChart3DSurface s3D:XyAxisPlane.DrawLabelsMode="AxisPlaneDrawLabelsBoth"

Zy, Zx, Xy Planes

The Planes are defined as follows.

  • The Zy Plane is perpedicular to the X Axis (Right by default)
  • The Zx Plane is perpendicular to the Y Axis (up)
  • The Xy Plane is perpendicular to the Z Axis (Left by default)

For example:


DrawLabelsMode Enum

The DrawLabelsMode Enum has the following options:

DrawLabelsMode enum
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public enum eAxisPlaneDrawLabelsMode {

The default is AxisPlaneDrawLabelsBoth: axis labels are drawn on both sides of the axis cube.

AxisPlaneDrawLabelsHidden hides the axis labels for this plane, for example, when applied to the XyAxisPlane, the labels drawn by this plane will be hidden.

AxisPlaneDrawLabelsLocalX draws the labels on one side (the local X) of the plane

AxisPlaneDrawLabelsLocalY draws the labels on the other side (the local Y) of the plane