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Starting the Examples Suite

The SciChart WPF Examples Suite can be downloaded from the following sources: either viewed online as a series of webpages, downloaded as a compiled application from the SciChart Website, or cloned via our SciChart.WPF.Examples Github Repository.

To start the SciChart WPF Examples Suite, go to the Windows Start menu and start typing 'scichart'. The SciChart WPF Examples application should be shown in the search results.

Start the examples suite and you will be presented with this homepage. From here you can search, sort, filter and view examples by category.

Clicking on an example takes you to the Example View. Take a note of the helpful pointers, these will be shown the first time you run the application.

Most examples are interactive. You can drag the chart to zoom, pan. Toolbar buttons on the left supply options.

Some toolbar options hide more controls which are shown when you hover. Experiment with each of the examples to see what parameters you can change.

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