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The Scatter 3D Chart Type

Examples for the Scatter 3D Chart can be found in the SciChart WPF Examples Suite which can be downloaded from the SciChart Website or our SciChart.WPF.Examples Github Repository.

3D Scatter Charts are provided by the ScatterRenderableSeries3D type, which requires a PointMarker.



The ScatterRenderableSeries3D supports multiple pointmarkers, including:

3D Marker Types

Fast 2D Marker types

Declaring a 3D Scatter Series

To declare a 3D Scatter Series with PointMarker use the following code:

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<s3D:SciChart3DSurface x:Name="SciChart"
        <s3D:Camera3D ZoomToFitOnAttach="True" />
        <s3D:ScatterRenderableSeries3D x:Name="ScatterSeries3D">
                <s3D:EllipsePointMarker3D Fill="LimeGreen" Size="2.0" Opacity="1"/>
        <s3D:NumericAxis3D GrowBy="0.1,0.1" />
        <s3D:NumericAxis3D GrowBy="0.1,0.1" />
        <s3D:NumericAxis3D GrowBy="0.1,0.1" />


Code Behind
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private void OnLoaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs routedEventArgs)
    var xyzDataSeries3D = new XyzDataSeries3D<double>();
    for (var i = 0; i < Count; i++)
        var x = DataManager.Instance.GetGaussianRandomNumber(5, 1.5);
        var y = DataManager.Instance.GetGaussianRandomNumber(5, 1.5);
        var z = DataManager.Instance.GetGaussianRandomNumber(5, 1.5);
        xyzDataSeries3D.Append(x, y, z);
    ScatterSeries3D.DataSeries = xyzDataSeries3D;
    PointMarkerCombo.SelectedIndex = 0;

NOTE: You can also declare RenderableSeries using full MVVM (series ViewModels) using the SeriesBinding MarkupExtension. Please see MVVM DataSeries / RenderableSeries API for more details.


Coloring Individual Scatter Points

Scatter points may be colored or scaled individually using the PointMetada3D API. To do this, set a PointMetada3D instance at the data-point as follows:


Example Title
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xyzDataSeries3D.Append(x, y, z, new PointMetadata3D(Colors.Blue, 1.0d));