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Tiled/Image/Textured Fills

SciChart transforms WPF brushes into Textures for use in it’s GPU-accerated drawing engine. For this reason, many of the standard WPF brushes (e.g. TileBrush, Imagebrush) don’t work quite as expected. It is however still possible to generate a hatched brush by using the WPF VisualBrush type in many RenderableSeries.

For instance, applying a VisualBrush to a FastMountainRenderableSeries.Fill property, you get the following result:

Applying a VisualBrush with tiling to a FastMountainRenderableSeries.Fill, you can get a tiled effect

Here’s the code sample to achieve it:

Tiled / Image / Textured Fills
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<!--  Declare RenderableSeries  -->
   <s:FastMountainRenderableSeries x:Name="mountainRenderSeries"                                              
         <VisualBrush TileMode="Tile" Viewport="0,0,10,10"
                   ViewportUnits="Absolute" Viewbox="0,0,10,10"    
                  <Rectangle Fill="Transparent" Width="10" Height="10" />
                  <Path Stroke="#AAFF8D42" Data="M 0 0 l 10 10" />
                  <Path Stroke="#AAFF8D42" Data="M 0 10 l 10 -10" />


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