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The ZoomExtentsModifier provides the ability to zoom-to-fit the entire chart via a mouse interaction.

Declaring a ZoomExtentsModifier in XAML

Declaring a ZoomExtentsModifier
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<!-- where xmlns:s="" -->
            <s:ZoomExtentsModifier ExecuteOn="MouseDoubleClick"/>

Declaring a ZoomExtentsModifier in Code

Declaring a ZoomExtentsModifier
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var sciChartSurface = new SciChartSurface();
sciChartSurface.ChartModifier = new ModifierGroup(new ZoomExtentsModifier());

Key Properties of the ZoomExtentsModifier

The key Dependency Properties of the ZoomExtentsModifier are listed below:

Key Properties of the ZoomExtentsModifier
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/// <summary>
/// Provides zoom to extents, or zoom to specific X and Y VisibleRange on mouse interaction
/// </summary>
/// <example>
/// The following example will create a modifier which zooms to extents on Mouse
/// Double Click
/// <code>
/// ZoomExtentsModifier z = new ZoomExtentsModifier();
/// z.ExecuteOn = ExecuteOn.MouseDoubleClick;
/// </code>
/// </example> public class ZoomExtentsModifier : ChartModifierBase
   /// <summary>
   /// If true, zooms to extent operations will be animated
   /// </summary>
   public static bool IsAnimatedProperty = DependencyProperty.Register(...);
   /// <summary>
   /// Defines the direction of the ZoomExtentsModifier
   /// </summary>
   public XyDirection XyDirectionProperty = DependencyProperty.Register(...);

   /// <summary>
   /// Determines when the <see cref=" ZoomExtentsModifier "/> executes,
   /// e.g. <see cref="ChartModifiers.ExecuteOn.MousedoubleClick"/> will cause a
   /// zoom-to-fit on mouse double click of the parent <see cref="SciChartSurface"/>
   /// </summary>
   public ExecuteOn ExecuteOnProperty = DependencyProperty.Register(...);

   // ...