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The PaletteProvider API

SciChart.js features the ability to change color of series on a point-by-point basis, using the PaletteProvider feature.

Many series types support PaletteProvider, including:

What is the PaletteProvider API?

The PaletteProvider API allows you to achieve per data-point colouring or styling. Here is a quick example below. The following pages have further worked examples for each series type.

Above: The Coloring Series per-point using PaletteProvider from the SciChart.js Demo, showing how to color data-points based on a rule.

The PaletteProvider API is a powerful extension in SciChart.js which allows you to colour line segments, scatter points, candles/columns or mountain chart segments based on a programatic rule.

Some common Use-cases for the PaletteProvider

Some common use-cases for the PaletteProvider API include:

  • Changing colour of a line series when value exceeds a threshold.
  • Colouring candlesticks based on volume
  • Changing the Fill of a time-based Histogram based on day of the week
  • Highlighting important Scatter or Bubble points based on additional data.
Use this API any time you want to change the colour, fill or scatter-point colours programmatically on a per-datapoint basis.

Enabling the PaletteProvider

To enable the paletting feature, you need to create a class which conforms to the IStrokePaletteProviderIFillPaletteProvider or IPointMarkerPaletteProvider interfaces and assign a new instance of the class to the IRenderableSeries.paletteProvider property.

The following articles in this section show you how to do this for each series type. Click on the 'See Also' items below to find out:

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