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Options to pass to the BaseHeatmapDataSeries constructor




Optional containsNaN

containsNaN: boolean

The flag whether this Heatmap has NaN value, to display them as transparent tiles

Optional dataSeriesName

dataSeriesName: string

The DataSeries name, used in legends, tooltips to identify the chart series

Optional id

id: string

A unique Id for the IDataSeries

Optional metadata

metadata: IPointMetadata[][] | IPointMetadata | { data?: any; type: string }

The Metadata values of type IPointMetadata to pre-populate the BaseHeatmapDataSeries If a single metadata value is supplied, this will be used as a template for all data values. If type AND data is specified, then the registered function should take the data and return a IPointData array. If only type is specified, the registered function will be set as the metadataGenerator and used to construct new metadata for each data value.

Optional zValues

zValues: number[][]

The 2-Dimensional array of cells which can be passed to populate the BaseHeatmapDataSeries at construct time

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