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Optional color

color: string

Sets the color for data labels. Defaults to axis label color

Optional horizontalTextPosition

horizontalTextPosition: EHorizontalTextPosition

Sets the horizontal text position for the label. Default Right

Optional isEnabled

isEnabled: boolean

Flag to enable/disable dataLabel generation. Default true

Optional metaDataSelector

metaDataSelector: (metadata: IPointMetadata) => string

If this is set it will be used to get text values from metaData, rather than formatting y values. The selector will be called even if the metaData for an index is undefined.

Type declaration

Optional numericFormat

numericFormat: ENumericFormat

Gets or sets numeric format to use for formatting values to text. For a list of values, see ENumericFormat

Optional pointCountThreshold

pointCountThreshold: number

Gets or sets the number of points below which drawing will start. Default Infinity This can be used instead of pointGapThreshold when data is unevenly spaced or has large y variation

Optional pointGapThreshold

pointGapThreshold: number

Gets or sets the zoom threshold above which label drawing will start. Default 0 This is expressed as the gap between the first points divided by the size of the first text. If data is unevenly spaced, consider pointCountThreshold or override shouldDrawText

Optional precision

precision: number

Gets or sets the precision to use when formatting values to text.

Optional skipMode

How do decide whether to keep or skip a label once generated. Override shouldSkipLabel for more control

Optional skipNumber

skipNumber: number

The number of points to skip while generating labels. Default 0 = no skip. 1 = skip every other. When creating text with many data points, it will help performance to skip points rather than creating and checking overlap for every data point. This is applied before any logic related to skipMode

Optional style

Sets the text style used for data labels. The style must be set, with fontFamily and fontSize set, in order for text to be drawn.

Optional updateTextInAnimation

updateTextInAnimation: boolean

Whether the label text should update when the label position is animating. Default false.

Optional verticalTextPosition

verticalTextPosition: EVerticalTextPosition

Sets the vertical text position for the label. Default Top

Optional ySelector

ySelector: (ps: IPointSeries) => SCRTDoubleVector

A function to pick which y values to use from the pointSeries passed in on the renderPassData

Type declaration

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