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Options to pass to the XyzDataSeries constructor




Optional containsNaN

containsNaN: boolean

Gets or sets whether the Y data contains NaN values.

Optional dataEvenlySpacedInX

dataEvenlySpacedInX: boolean

When true, the Data is evenly spaced in X.


The user must specify this flag (defaults to true) in order to choose the correct, and fastest algorithms for drawing, indexing and ranging. If you experience glitches or strange drawing, it may be because you have set data with uneven spacing in X but not set this flag.

Optional dataIsSortedInX

dataIsSortedInX: boolean

When true, the Data is sorted in X.


The user must specify this parameter if the data is not sorted in X in order to have correct rendering. This parameter is used to choose the correct algorithms for zooming, panning and ranging and ensure best performance.

Optional dataSeriesName

dataSeriesName: string

The DataSeries name, used in legends, tooltips to identify the chart series

Optional id

id: string

A unique Id for the IDataSeries

Optional metadata

metadata: IPointMetadata[] | IPointMetadata | { data?: any; type: string }

The Metadata values of type IPointMetadata to pre-populate the XyDataSeries If a single metadata value is supplied, this will be used as a template for all data values. If type is specified, it should refer to a registered metadataGenerator IMetadataGenerator, which can provide all metadata, based on the data provided, or a single object that will be used when adding data if no metadata is provided.

Optional xValues

xValues: NumberArray

The X-values array to pre-populate the XyzDataSeries

Optional yValues

yValues: NumberArray

The Y-values array to pre-populate the XyzDataSeries

Optional zValues

zValues: NumberArray

The Z-values array to pre-populate the XyzDataSeries

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