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Viewing the Examples Online

The SciChart WPF Examples Suite can be downloaded from the following sources: either viewed online as a series of webpages, downloaded as a compiled application from the SciChart Website, or cloned via our SciChart.WPF.Examples Github Repository.

As of SciChart v4 we no longer support SciChart Silverlight with an online version of our examples suite. This is a shame, but since certain browsers such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, have stopped supporting Silverlight we had no choice but to follow suit.

To make it up to you we have extracted the example descriptions, titles and a screenshot to the website so these can be found by searching Google, or by navigating the website. They point you to the correct place in the WPF Examples App.

So if you want to browse what examples we have and even browse source-code, watch videos and see screenshots, please head over to 


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