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Common Axis Base Type and Options

All the axis types in SciChart inherit from AxisCore - a common type shared across both 2D and 3D Charts - and all 2D Axis inherit AxisBase2D. 

The inheritence diagram for Axis in SciChart.js looks like this:

Common Properties on an Axis

Common properties on an axis allow you to configure the following things:

  • Showing/hiding and styling of Gridlines 
  • Showing/hiding and styling of labels
  • Alignment of the axis
  • Formatting of labels
  • Getting / setting visibleRange or padding
  • Getting / setting ID - used in multi-axis scenarios
  • Styling border, background
  • Setting axis title

See a list of the available properties below.

Specific Axis Types

The following sections go into further details for specific axis types, as well as giving code samples on how to configure and use each axis.

Axis Type Value or Category Axis
NumericAxis Value Axis / Numeric Types
DateTimeNumericAxis Value Axis with additional features for Dates and Time formatting
CategoryAxis Category Axis - measures using index - Numeric Types or Dates
LogarithmicAxis Logarithmic Axis supporting Base2, BaseE, Base10 with or without scientific notation