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Series Styling - Dash Line Patterns

In SciChart.js v1.3 and above, we have introduced a property to let you style dashed or dotted lines on certain series.

We have an example in our SciChart.js Examples Suite which shows how to do this - the Dashed Line Chart example.


Above: The Dashed Line Styling example in the SciChart.js demo

How to set a Stroke Dash

Certain series have a StrokeDashArray property which allows you to define the line pen as having a dotted or dashed pattern. A variety of dash patterns are possible in SciChart.js using this API.

A StrokeDashArray is an array which defines a dot-dash pattern. For example creating a series with a strokeDashArray as follows:

const series = new FastLineRenderableSeries(wasmContext, {
            stroke: "SteelBlue",
            strokeThickness: 2,
            strokeDashArray: [10, 3]

Results in the following output:

The dash pattern can be configured to provide dots, dashes and more. For example:

strokeDashArray: [2,2]

strokeDashArray: [5,5]

strokeDashArray: [10,25]

Which Series support StrokeDashArray?

All the line-based series in SciChart.js support StrokeDashArray for dashed or dotted lines. These are:


Chart Parts which support StrokeDashArray

The strokeDashArray property also exists on AxisBase2D.majorGridLineStyle, AxisBase2D.minorGridLineStyle, allowing you to apply stroke dash / dot styling to axis gridlines.

For more information, see the related article Axis Styling - Title, Labels, Gridlines and Axis Bands.

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