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Mouse arguments passed to ChartModifierBase methods






Readonly altKey

altKey: boolean

When true, the Alt Key is currently pressed

Readonly button

button: number

The mouse button number that was pressed

Readonly ctrlKey

ctrlKey: boolean

When true, the Ctrl Key is currently pressed


handled: boolean = false

Gets or sets whether the event is handled


Set handled to true if you want to prevent the event from propagating to subsequent modifiers in the parent SciChartSurfaceBase.chartModifiers collection

If handled is true, the events no longer propagate. To override this behaviour set ChartModifierBase.receiveHandledEvents to true

Readonly isActiveSubChartEvent

isActiveSubChartEvent: boolean = true

Identifies if the event comes from an active sub chart Useful for SubChartSurfaces with modifierGroups for SciChartSurface returns always True

Readonly isMaster

isMaster: boolean

When true, the event was raised from the master or parent SciChartSurfaceBase, else it came from the child SciChartSurfaceBase


This is relevant in the case of linking together multiple charts

Readonly masterData

masterData: any

If this is not raised from the master or parent, this is the result of getMasterData, used to pass additional info, eg x value.

Readonly modifierGroup

modifierGroup: string

The Modifier Group string is an ID which is used to group together Chart Modifiers when used in a multi-chart scenario

Readonly mousePoint

mousePoint: Point

The MousePoint as an X,Y coordinate where the event occurred

Readonly mouseWheelDelta

mouseWheelDelta: number

The mouse wheel delta as a positive or negative value depending on mouse wheel direction


nativeEvent: MouseEvent

The native pointer event


pointerId: number

The PointerId associated with the current pointer or stylus device


pointerType: string

The type of the current Pointer or stylus

Readonly shiftKey

shiftKey: boolean

When true, the Shift Key is currently pressed


target: Element

The target {@link Element} which raised the event


Static copy

  • Copies or clones a ModifierMouseArgs


    • args: ModifierMouseArgs

      the ModifierMouseArgs instance

    • modifierGroup: string

      the Modifier Group / string ID for sharing mouse events

    • masterViewport: Rect

      the master viewport or parent chart issuing mouse events

    • slaveViewport: Rect

      the slave viewport or child chart receiving mouse events

    • masterData: any

    Returns ModifierMouseArgs

Static copyForSubChart

Static fromMouseEvent

  • Creates a ModifierMouseArgs instance from Javascript {@link MouseEvent}


    • mouseEvent: MouseEvent

      the Javascript {@link MouseEvent}

    Returns ModifierMouseArgs

Static fromPointerEvent

  • Creates a ModifierMouseArgs instance from Javascript {@link PointerEvent}


    • pointerEvent: PointerEvent

      the Javascript {@link PointerEvent}

    Returns ModifierMouseArgs

Static fromWheelEvent

  • Creates a ModifierMouseArgs instance from Javascript {@link WheelEvent}


    • wheelEvent: WheelEvent

      the Javascript {@link WheelEvent}

    Returns ModifierMouseArgs

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