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Options to pass to the StackedColumnCollection constructor




Optional dataLabels

Options to pass to the DataLabelProvider. Set a style with font and size to enable per-point text for this series.

Optional dataPointWidth

dataPointWidth: number

the Datapoint width, as a fraction of available space from 0.0 - 1.0

Optional isOneHundredPercent

isOneHundredPercent: boolean

Sets 100% mode. When true, the stacked group becomes a 100% stacked chart

Optional isVisible

isVisible: boolean

When true, the series is visible and drawn

Optional spacing

spacing: number

The spacing between columns in pixels

Optional xAxisId

xAxisId: string

Sets the bound XAxis for this BaseRenderableSeries.


Does a lookup search on SciChartSurface.xAxes collection by Id matching this.xAxisId

Optional yAxisId

yAxisId: string

Sets the bound YAxis for this BaseRenderableSeries.


Does a lookup search on SciChartSurface.yAxes collection by Id matching this.yAxisId

Optional yRangeMode

yRangeMode: EYRangeMode

Determines whether the y range for this series should consider only the visible data (the default), or include the drawn points just outside the visible range

Optional zeroLineY

zeroLineY: number

the Zero-line Y, the Y-value where the mountain crosses zero and inverts. Default is 0

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