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Options to pass to the StackedMountainRenderableSeries constructor




Optional dataSeries

dataSeries: IDataSeries

The DataSeries which provides a datasource for this IRenderableSeries to draw

Optional fill

fill: string

The column fill as an HTML color code

Optional onHoveredChanged

onHoveredChanged: TSeriesHoverChangedCallback | string

Optional callback function when hovered changed. Also see IRenderableSeries.hovered event handler

Optional onIsVisibleChanged

onIsVisibleChanged: TSeriesVisibleChangedCallback | string

Optional callback function when isVisible changed. Also see IRenderableSeries.isVisibleChanged event handler

Optional onSelectedChanged

onSelectedChanged: TSeriesSelectionChangedCallback | string

Optional callback function when selected changed. Also see IRenderableSeries.selected event handler

Optional opacity

opacity: number

An Opacity factor of the Series that controls its semi-transparency level, where value 1 means the Series is opaque; 0 - transparent.

Optional paletteProvider

An optional IPaletteProvider which is used to provide per data-point coloring or paletting.


See IStrokePaletteProvider for per data-point coloring of lines or strokes, IFillPaletteProvider for per data-point coloring of fills or series bodies, and IPointMarkerPaletteProvider for per data-point coloring of point-markers

Optional stroke

stroke: string

The column stroke as an HTML color code

Optional strokeDashArray

strokeDashArray: number[]

The StrokeDashArray defines the stroke or dash pattern for the Y0 line. Accepts an array of values, e.g. [2,2] will have a line of length 2 and a gap of length 2.

Optional strokeThickness

strokeThickness: number

The column strokeThickness

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