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Minimum Browser Requirements

SciChart.js is a cutting-edge next-generation JavaScript Chart Library. As a result, we are using the latest technologies to draw our fast, real-time and interactive JavaScript charts.

Minimum requirement for deployment of an application with SciChart.js is your browser must support WebAssembly (wasm) and WebGL 1 (preferably WebGL 2).

A full table of which browsers are supported can be found at the website.

WebAssembly (wasm) Minimum Browser Support

According to, 95.12% of web modern browsers worldwide can use WebAssembly. This includes all major browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera on Windows, macOS, Linux as well as Android, iOS devices.

This compatibility % is set to increase as wasm becomes a standard across browsers, led by Google Chrome and adopted by others.

Minimum versions are found below:

WebAssembly is supported on

  • IE Edge v16 or later
  • Firefox v52 or later
  • Chrome v57 or later
  • Safari v11 or later
  • Opera v44 or later.
  • Almost all modern mobile and desktop browsers support WebAssembly.

WebAssembly can be enabled in some earlier browsers can by adjusting settings. See for more information.

Note: WebAssembly support is not available on Internet Explorer 11, but is available on IE Edge 16 or later, Google Chrome, FireFox and Safari

WebGL 1 Minimum Browser Support

According to, 97.94% of web browsers worldwide support WebGL 1. SciChart achieves the best performance with a WebGL 2 browser support, but all features are available on WebGL 1.

Minimum versions can be found below


WebGL 1 is supported on

  • IE Edge v12 or later
  • Firefox v4 or later
  • Chrome v8 or later
  • Safari v5 or later
  • Opera v12 or later.
  • Almost all modern mobile and desktop browsers support WebGL 1

WebGL 2 Minimum Browser Support

According to, 92.85% of web browsers worldwide now support WebGL 2. SciChart achieves superior performance with WebGL 2, but will automatically drop down to WebGL 1 where this latest API is not available.


WebGL 2 is supported on

  • IE Edge v79 or later
  • Firefox v51 or later
  • Chrome v56 or later
  • Safari iOS v 15 or later
  • Safari mac v15 or later
  • Firefox for Android v107
  • Android Browser v108
  • Opera mobile v72

Note: WebGL 2 support is not available on earlier versions of Safari (Desktop or mobile), but in cases where WebGL 2 is not available SciChart.js will automatically downgrade to WebGL 1.