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The SciChart.js Examples Suite

To make it easier to start using SciChart.js in your project, we prepared a bunch of examples demonstrating different features and their usage. These are called “SciChart.js Examples Suite” or SciChart demo.

We have two places you can view the SciChart Demo online.

Option 1: Browse all our examples at, where demos are embedded into our website.



Option 2: At, where the React app is hosted. The React App demo has a counterpart Github repo here:

Note: The SciChart website wraps & displays the React App demos inside a webpage with supplementary information. Both are good tools for exploring the feature-set of SciChart.js.

For developers, we would recommend cloning and running the React App locally, and changing code to learn how to use SciChart.js.

Find the full source code for the scichart demo here:

Clone the SciChart.js Demo Source

The SciChart.js Demo React App is hosted on Github and is open source under MIT license.

Clone the repository at

Follow instructions in the to compile and run the app locally.