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Licensing SciChart WPF

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Trial License

After downloading and installing SciChart, you will need to start a 30-day trial using our Cross Platform Licensing Wizard to create applications and explore the SciChart SDK. The trial is a fully featured 30-day trial with no limitation in functionality.

The trial license displays a watermark “Powered by SciChart” but this is not shown in the full licensed version of SciChart.

At the end of your 30-day trial, applications you have built with SciChart will cease to work and you will not be able to keep working on them.

Once you purchase licenses, the license is perpetual with optional renewal to keep up to date (get support and get later builds).

Read How to Start a SciChart Trial here.

Activating a Purchased License

Full instructions how to license can be found on our website at

To activate your license you will need to download SciChart Cross Platform Licensing Wizard and apply a developer license. Without this you won't be able to compile & debug applications built with SciChart.

  1. Windows Start Menu -> Type SciChart Licensing Wizard -> Start the Wizard.
  2. Enter your Username (not email), Password to log in.
  3. Select 'Activation' tab -> Choose 'Activate a license online' option and click 'Next'. 
  4. Enter your Serial Key and click ‘Activate’ to claim your license.
  5. Apply the Runtime key into your application

Full instructions can be found at

Troubleshooting Licensing & Activation

If you have trouble with licensing or activation, we have trouble-shooting steps online at


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