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The SciChart3DSurface Camera

The property SciChart3DSurface.Camera defines an ICameraController instance. Derived types are CameraController (a plain CLR object, which implements INotifyPropertyChanged) and Camera3D (a FrameworkElement with DependencyProperties).

By default, the SciChart3DSurface.Camera is set to a new CameraController instance. This defines the Position, Target (in world coordinates) of the camera, and whether the camera is in Perspective or Orthogonal projection modes.

Above: the representation of a Camera in 3D Space. The camera is attached to the SciChart3DSurface.Camera property and is defined by a Position, Target, plus other properties which define the properties of the viewport.

Camera Position, Target

The camera is defined by a PositionTarget which are XYZ vectors in World Coordinates.

Other properties which define the viewport as seen by the camera include:


The WPF Chart Example Modify Camera3D Properties shows how to manipulate the camera, and how to switch between perspective and orthoginal modes.



NOTE: SciChart3D supports unlimited, multiple cameras with different properties but only one can be attached to the ScIChart3DSurface.Camera property at any one time.


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