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How to Start a Free 30-Day SciChart WPF Trial

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Starting a SciChart Trial is a simple process when using the Cross Platform Licensing Wizard, which comes as part of the SciChart installer downloads.

Steps to take to start a trial are as follows:


  1. If you haven't already, register at and create an account.
    • Use a real email as we will be emailing you trial keys and getting-started tips, and you won't be able to proceed unless you confirm your email.
  2. Next, download the SciChart WPF Installer at
    • This page is behind a login: use the account you created above.
    • After downloading the SciChart WPF Installer, it will automatically install the SciChart WPF Examples Suite, the SciChart Cross Platform Licensing Wizard and the SciChart WPF Binaries.
    • You can run the examples suite straight away without starting a trial, but to create your own applications you will need to start a trial.
  3. Detailed instructions for starting a trial are found at A very short video can be found below. 


If you experience any problems starting a trial, or would like to feed back about the process, contact us and we will be glad to help.  

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