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What is a RenderableSeries

The RenderableSeries in SciChart are visual representations of X,Y Numeric or Date data. Some RenderableSeries render simple X,Y values (2D points in space), while some render additional information (such as X,Y0,Y1 values, or X,Y,Z values).

RenderableSeries all inherit BaseRenderableSeries and are added to the SciChartSurface.renderableSeries collection. This collection supports multiple RenderableSeries of differing types. Each RenderableSeries is rendered to the screen, displaying the data from an associated DataSeries.

To learn more about the features all RenderableSeries have in common, please read the Common RenderableSeries Features article. For specific features of any RenderableSeries please refer to a corresponding article on this series type.

To get an understanding about RenderableSeries / DataSeries quickly, try our Tutorial on adding data to SciChart

Also, for more information about which DataSeries are used for which RenderableSeries, see the DataSeries Types page.

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