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What is the ChartModifier API

Within the SciChart.js JavaScript Chart SDK, ChartModifiers are the classes which can be added to a SciChartSurface to give it a certain behavior. For instance, all zooming, panning operations, tooltips, legends and even selection of points or lines are handled by ChartModifierBase derived classes in the SciChart codebase.

There are many different ChartModifiers provided by SciChart and each one deserves an article by itself! This article is concerned with simply giving an overview of the modifiers and where you can find the examples in our Examples Suite which demonstrate them.

There are also several individual articles on the ChartModifiers and how to configure them in the SciChart.js Documentation. Please find them at the bottom of this page.

Zoom, Pan Modifiers

The following modifiers can be used if you want to add scrolling or zooming behavior to a chart:

Modifier Name Description




Pans the chart in X, Y or both directions with inertia via finger sliding.
MouseWheelZoomPanModifier Zooms the chart in or out on mouse-wheel (or two finger scroll).
XAxisDragModifier Scales or pans an X Axis via mouse-drag.
YAxisDragModifier Scales or pans an Y Axis via mouse-drag.
RubberBandXyZoomModifier Zooms a chart inside a rectangle or horizontal section that is drawn on the chart with a finger.

Resets the zoom to the data extents via double-tapping.

SciChartOverview Creates an overview chart that allows you to zoom and pan the main chart

Interactivity, Tooltips, Cursor Modifiers

These modifiers allow to interact with chart series or inspect them:

Modifier Name Description
RolloverModifier Provides a vertical slice cursor with tooltips and markers rolling over a series.
CursorModifier Provides a crosshairs with a tooltip and axis labels.

Miscellaneous Modifiers

Modifiers below are used as helpers and can be a useful addition to a chart:

Modifier Name Description
LegendModifier Allows creation and configuration a Legend for a chart.


To learn more about ChartModifiers API, please read the Common ChartModifiers Features article. To find out about a specific ChartModifier type, please refer to a corresponding article about this Modifier type.
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