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Our Company

SciChart is led by Dr. Andrew Burnett-Thompson, our lead software architect and founder. SciChart is founded on the principles of technical excellence, outstanding customer service, efficiency & integrity. We hire solely from STEM fields with all of our staff being trained scientists, engineers or data scientists. SciChart aims to power innovation in every sector bringing high-performance visualisation across platforms.

About Us

SciChart is a Financial & Scientific software boutique. We create best in class cross-platform charting libraries for WPF, iOS, macOS, Android and Web platforms. Our award-winning 2D & 3D graphics engines are capable of rendering real-time charts with many millions of data-points. Today, SciChart is used by over 6000 customers in 80 countries across hundreds of sectors. SciChart powers innovation & pushes the realms of possibility in data visualisation.


SciChart Ltd. London Office
16 Beaufort Court, Admiral Way, Docklands
London, E14 9XL.
United Kingdom.

Company number: 07430048 | VAT ID: GB 101957725

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CEO and Founder
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Our Story

​​SciChart was born from necessity. Andrew Burnett-Thompson, our founder, while working on 3D positioning of underwater objects using ultrasound found that, despite having built the hardware and software he required to do this, he was still missing a chart control that could draw a large amount of data. So, as all good engineers do, he wrote his own software to do just that. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Early versions of SciChart were able to draw up to 1 million data points, and, having blogged about the process and presented a few demos, companies were soon contacting Andrew to find out when the software would be ready. He then built a website integrating e-commerce, and the first version went live in March 2012. Not long after, SciChart had its first customer. In its first year, it sold almost $200,000 of software licenses at approximately $599 per license. All the money was re-invested into hiring staff to help develop and maintain it, and new features and improved performance quickly followed.

To date, SciChart has served over 10,000 customers, won industry and national awards.. It continues to grow year-on-year, bringing in new high-level clients in industries including aerospace, medical, oil & gas, elite motorsports, industrial automation, banking, crypto and more. During this time, SciChart has also given free licenses to hundreds of universities, including Stanford, MIT, Imperial College and more.

Why not hire us?

Do you need to develop a custom series type, visualize a complex data set or boost your development time? Looking to customize your existing work? Or want to create a bespoke application using our world-class developers? Get in touch and let us see how we can help you!