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Realtime Android charting for Robotics Telemetry

Realtime Android charting for Robotics Telemetry

Read on to see how MIT Biomimetic Robotics Lab used SciChart for Android to display and interpret Realtime telemetry data from Smart shoe sensors designed to capture measurements of force-data during movement.

Platform: Android

Industry: Robotics, Biomimetics

Organic organisms contain an abundance of surface skin sensors that can determine pressure, vibrations and forces which in turn feedback and allow calibration of movement. The Biomimetic Robotics lab at MIT aimed to develop a similar multi-axis force sensor for use in the next generation of legged robots by mapping the local sampling of stress inside their custom polymeric footpad. Their goal is to use these force sensing shoes to help assist the elderly and disabled during walking for fall prevention and mitigation as well as to provide athletes with training data.

Challenge: To visualize multiple streams of data at 1kHz amounting to hundreds of thousands of data points collected from smart shoe telemetry on an Android app. Open source solution had been unable to handle the sensor output and match the performance requirements.

Solution: SciChart’s Android charts were integrated by MIT into their own app for reading and visualising telemetry data. SciChart’s big data capabilities were used to plot the huge amounts of data output by their custom sensors and were displayed smoothly by SciCharts Android Realtime charting engine whilst enabling smooth rich touch interaction functionality.

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By SciChart | Oct 12, 2022

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