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Introducing the SciTrader App & SDK

Introducing the SciTrader App & SDK

A Rundown of the features in SciTrader – a Cryptocurrency Trading App powered by SciChart

Plus, a brand new SDK for creating Financial Chart apps in iOS, Android and soon JavaScript

Earlier this year blogged that we were creating a financial charting component for use when developing mobile iOS/Android cryptocurrency or stock trading applications.

Well we’ve gone one further than that! We’ve created an entire iOS/Android app, a new website and a sister company –

SciTrader Crypto Trading App – powered by SciChart – get the app at

Let’s take a quick look through the features of the app.

Altcoin Market Overview Heatmap

The first feature in the SciTrader App is the Altcoin heatmap, which we call the Market Overview Heatmap. This is a native iOS/Android Treemap control which displays around 800 Altcoins in the crypto market and visualizes their strength vs. USD, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The size of the tile in the Market Overview Heatmap is the relative volume traded in the past 24-hours. The colour of the tile is the relative percentage move to the underlying (USD, BTC, ETH) in the past 24-hours. Tapping the button in the top-right and choosing BTC or ETH shows the relative strength vs. Bitcoin or Ethereum which lets you spot top movers in the crypto market.

Long pressing a tile pops up a menu, where you can add to watchlist or open a chart.

Interactive, Realtime Trading Charts with Technical Indicators

Of course, the real feature we want to showcase in the SciTrader App is the financial chart control.

Using Swift & Kotlin, and the underlying SciChart iOS/Android chart libraries, we’ve built a dedicated financial chart component. Supporting up to 20 technical indicators, derivatives of indicators (e.g. Moving Average on Relative Strength), cursors, automatic pane management, resizing panes, legends, zooming, panning and real-time data updates, this chart component makes creating native trading apps easy. Take a look below at how it looks.

Of course, you can try it out for yourselves, by getting the app below:

The SciTrader SDK

As well as a fully-featured Crypto Trading App, we’re in the process of packaging the SciTrader SDK For financial trading charts with technical indicators as an add-on to SciChart. Initially this will be iOS & Android only, but we’re building a JavaScript version too.

Let’s dig into the SDK to see what this brings you in addition to vanilla SciChart.

What the SciTrader SDK Brings you

The SciTrader SDK is built on top of SciChart. It drastically reduces the amount of code you need to create trading apps

The SciTrader SDK is built on top of SciChart. It is specifically fine-tuned for trading apps, with the following goals in mind:

  • Drastically reduces amount of code you need to create trading apps
  • Simplifies complex data management
  • Add Technical Indicators (MACD, RSI, etc.)
  • Manage chart panes automatically
  • Serialization & styling with ease
Reduce the amount of code to create trading & financial apps with the SciTrader SDK

To create a Trading App with SciChart you have to:

  • Create and manage SciChartSurface (chart) instances
  • Create and synchronize X and Y axis
  • Create all Chart Series (line, candlestick) required to visualize the desired data
  • Manage all that data and memory in reactive manner

With the SciTrader SDK you simply:

  • Create a SciFinanceChart instance and pipe your OHLC/Volume Price data into it
  • That’s it, no more steps

Not to mention legends, cursors and all the interactivity. With the SciTrader SDK – it just works, nearly zero code required

Simplified, Reactive Data Management

Reactive Data Management is built into the SciTrader SDK – powered by SciChart. Our SDK creates & manages data and series for you

If you’ve used SciChart to create trading apps, having a few technical indicators on a SciChartSurface becomes quite complex very quickly.

With vanilla SciChart you have to:

  • Create and manage chart series (RenderableSeries and DataSeries)
  • Create all corresponding data sets, for each instrument/indicator/series.
  • Manually manage underlying memory
  • Manage all your data updates, and react correspondingly
  • Manage dependencies e.g. indicators on price should be updated/recalculated

With the SciTrader SDK you simply:

  • Drop your OHLC-Volume data into built-in DataProvider
  • Everything else is taken care for you

Indicator and Pane Management

The SciTrader SDK manages indicator panes for you. Indicators react to property updates, e.g. Colour, Stroke, and parameters

The SciTrader SDK has several technical analysis indicators built-in.

With bare SciChart you have to:

  • Perform all the above Data-Management
  • Calculate your indicators manually
  • Handle reactive updates (changing of its properties, input data source, etc)
  • Choose whether to create new or put into existing Pane for the new indicator
  • Add/Remove panes(surfaces) manually

The SciTrader SDK handles all the above automatically, out of the box!

Styling & Serialization

All properties in the SciTrader SDK are serializable, allowing you to customise and serialize the state of the chart

The SciTrader SDK Exposes all properties to customize the look & feel of technical indicators and instruments, e.g:

  • line color, style (dashed/solid) and thickness for RSI, MACD or any other
  • candlesticks up and down fill color for OHLC
  • Allows serialization/deserialization of technical indicators and instruments state with ease
  • All that with a matter of just several lines of code

Zooming, Panning & Interactivity

The SciTrader SDK uses SciChart’s ChartModifiers and rendering technology to achieve buttery smooth zooming, panning and updates

Thanks to SciChart’s powerful ChartModifier API, the SciTrader SDK features rich zooming, panning and interactivity.

  • Buttery-smooth zoom & pan
  • Reactive real-time updates
  • Sleek zoom-out to available extents of the data
  • Clever axes labels formatting
  • Interactive Cursor that updates Legend data in real-time

Future Roadmap

That’s not all. We’ve also got a rich roadmap planned including drawing tools, saving & restoring chart templates, visualisation of trades, order books, custom proprietary indicators, and visualisation of trading through chart. Plus bringing our SDK to Javascript apps as well as native mobile.

What the SciTrader SDK Brings you

With our new SDK you can quickly and easily create stunning trading applications with orders of magnitude less code:

With the SciTrader SDK, you can create rich realtime financial charts for exchanges, brokerages, or prop trading apps with hundreds of lines of code, not of tens of thousands of lines.

The SciTrader SDK will save you thousands of hours of development time and will let you get your app to market fast. This will save you a huge amount of time & money and let you focus on the important parts of your app.

How to try it out

Finally, the SciTrader SDK will be available soon for native Android (Kotlin) & iOS (Swift) and soon JavaScript.

To schedule a demo of the SDK from our sales team, get in touch!

Pricing and Licensing

The SciTrader App is free to download on the iOS & Android app stores.

SciTrader SDK is for sale for inclusion and white-labelling into your Exchange apps, Trading apps or Fintech / financial apps. If you are building an exchange, Fintech startup or trading app and want to learn more about pricing & licensing, Get in touch with our sales team!

By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Nov 03, 2021
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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